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Leasing commercial space with us is a strategic decision that transcends square footage—it’s a commitment to fostering success and growth for your business. We’re here to help you create and realize your personalized vision at every step. Because together, we’re better.

Our Dedicated Leasing Team

Flexibility and transparency are at the core of our leasing philosophy. We take the time to learn and understand your business's dynamic nature. Our leasing terms reflect this by providing scalable solutions that align with your evolving needs. Ultimately, we aim to provide a hospitable home base for your business to thrive.

Discover the IA Difference

We focus on your property management needs from the beginning. Building a proactive, forward-thinking relationship anchored in trust is key. What’s more, our in-house leasing team works directly with our internal legal department, which allows us to reduce the time it takes from tour to occupancy. See how we achieve these goals for our commercial tenants:


Find terms to fit your needs


Streamline the process, because your time is valuable


Offer reliable, timely property maintenance

Our Tenants Have Spoken

IA’s experienced leasing team and property managers are attentive, solution-oriented professionals who proactively maintain our buildings. Beyond the ease of the process, they focus on establishing trusted tenant relationships rooted in responsiveness. The result is happy tenants who consistently give positive feedback that has won us multiple awards.

“To be honest, we have never as a company had a better lease experience or been in more direct contact with a more accountable management company.”

Justin Hoelscher

Mitinet | 2810 Crossroads Drive

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