As a vertically integrated real estate partnership, Investors Associated owns and manages a diverse portfolio of properties in select secondary markets in the United States. We have industrial, retail, residential, and office properties—all meticulously maintained by our in-house property management team. We’re a true and transparent partnership, and decisions made at every level have our investors’ best interests in mind.
Millions in Assets
Million in assets
Properties in 6 states
Properties in 6 states
Average return over last ten years
Average return over
last ten years
We create long-term value by first identifying sound markets and maintaining stringent underwriting standards. One of the things that differentiates IA is that all investors are Partners and part owners of our entire real estate portfolio. This pooled investment, along with our philosophy of diversifying assets, both in type and geography, provides balance and risk management not often found in traditional real estate investments.
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We Think Like Owners
Investors Associated is a unique investment because it is managed by fellow Partners whose interests are aligned with your interests. Both the Executive Committee and senior management are composed primarily of Partners. Our managing members are not compensated through personally motivated fees like developer's fees, acquisition fees, or refinancing fees. As a result, decisions made by the Executive Committee and senior management are made with all the Partners’ best interests in mind.
Focused on Growth
From the research and smart decision-making that precedes each investment to the in-house property management that protects them, we are always thinking forward. Every detail, big and small, is given serious consideration. We only invest in high-quality properties with evidence of strong demand—and reinvest excess cash flows to accelerate portfolio growth. This approach has taken IA from its humble beginnings in 1979 to the success we all share today.
Growth in net asset value
over the last ten years
Growth in unit value
over the last ten years
Approximately, in new
development pipeline
Success is in the Details
Our in-house property management team sets a high standard for maintaining and growing our commercial and residential properties—always going a step above to exceed our tenants’ expectations. The long-term relationships they build with our customers have the domino effect of benefiting their communities while resulting in tangible bottom-line savings and realized returns for our Partners. Another advantage of having in-house management is that it allows Partners the ability to see the properties and closely monitor our investments.
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Our partners include many medical professionals, small business owners, financial advisors and beyond. IA is really an investment option worth considering for everyone.
Jamie Stefan
Vice President, Investor Relations & Operations
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