August 21, 2023

Award Winning Properties!



Over 2000 businesses (and counting) choose Grace Hill for training, policy, survey, mystery shopping and reputation management. Why? The answer is simple. Their technology and team! Their solutions are designed specifically for multifamily and commercial property management companies. They are passionate about this industry and have real-world experience that makes an impact for businesses like ours. The link between resident satisfaction and renewals is undeniable, but gathering accurate data for our properties can be challenging. Kingsley Surveys conducted by Grace Hill offers comprehensive survey tools and trusted industry benchmarks that have proven to increase property performance and NOI for multifamily and commercial real estate organizations. Each year, they recognize individual properties that outperform the Kingsley Index benchmark for overall satisfaction and highlight their achievement with the Kingsley Excellence Award.


This year Investors Associated surveyed 18 of our 47 properties and 10 were awarded with the Kingsley Excellence Award – 7 in commercial real estate and 3 in residential multi-family real estate.


Congratulations and thank you to our team for all their hard work!