January 9, 2020

A Balanced Portfolio – Local company owns Madison properties

An image of the Investors Associated logo.


As the owners and management company for the Park at High Crossing office park on Madison’s east side, Investors Associated is invested in Madison in more ways than one.


Investors Associated was formed in Wisconsin and maintains Madison as the home base for its internal property management company, IA Management, LLC. Most of the company’s partners maintain Wisconsin as their residence. With properties throughout the United States, Investors Associated is proud of its Wisconsin roots and keeps a focus on national growth in order to protect its partners’ investments.


“Investors Associated is different than other similar real estate investment and development organizations,” says Rachel Govin, IA Management’s CEO and corporate counsel. “First, when you become a partner with Investors Associated you take ownership in all our properties — not just on one property. We invest in high-quality commercial and residential buildings and developments in Wisconsin and across the country. Second, Investors Associated is a unique investment because it is managed by fellow partners whose interests are aligned with our partners’ interests. Both the executive committee and senior management are composed primarily of partners. Our managing members are not compensated through personally motivated fees like developer’s fees, acquisition fees or refinancing fees. As a result, decisions made by the executive committee are made with all the partners’ best interests in mind.”Investors Associated has identified Madison as a smart investment. The company currently owns and manages about 250 residential apartments, 10 office buildings and three other properties in the Madison area. It also owns vacant land adjacent to the existing Park at High Crossing office park and intends to continue to develop this land by developing additional office space, apartments and retail space.


“In 2018 we completed our first commercial development at 2323 Crossroads Drive in Madison,” Govin says. “The building is already fully leased and is a testament to the success of our strategy. Having our property management team located nearby the future developments is crucial to ensuring that they are successful.”